Christophe Gyurgyik


Sep ’23

Officially began my PhD candidacy at Stanford University.

Sep ’23

Left Google after two years with the XLA compiler and TPU backend team.

Sep ’23

Received the Cloud Tech impact Awards (CTIA) for LLM serving optimizations.

May ’23

Awarded a spot bonus from the VP of Engineering (Google) for improvements to large language models through compiler optimizations.

Mar ’23

Our paper Stepwise Debugging for Hardware Accelerators won the distinguished artifact award at ASPLOS ’23.

Feb ’23

Awarded the Edwin S. Webster Graduate Fellowship by MIT EECS.

Sep ’22

Paper on Cider, a stepwise debugger for Calyx, conditionally accepted to ASPLOS ’23.

Aug ’22

Awarded a peer bonus from two members of the ASIC Design Verification team for providing guidance with respect to the XLA compiler and C++.

Feb ’22

Awarded a peer bonus from a team member for improving XLA compiler code.

Oct ’21

Received C++ readability at Google within two months of applying.

Mar ’21

Gave a talk on Calyx for the Applications Driving Architectures (ADA) Center.

Feb ’21

Partook in a student veteran panel for the Cornell University Military Alumni Network.