Christophe Gyurgyik

Christophe Gyurgyik is a PhD student at Stanford University advised by Fred Kjolstad. His interests include programming language and compiler design.

Previously, he worked at Google on the XLA (Accelerated Linear Algebra) compiler and the TPU (Tensor Processing Unit). Prior to industry, his research focused on Calyx, a compiler infrastructure for languages that target hardware accelerators and CIRCT, an experimental compiler to improve hardware design tools. This work was completed under Cornell University’s CAPRA, spearheaded by Adrian Sampson and Rachit Nigam.

In his free time, Christophe enjoys learning and speaking natural languages (French and Spanish) and various disciplines of climbing.

Apr ’24

Hit the 1,000 lb club (at 182 lbs)! Bench 225, Squat 355, Deadlift 420.

Mar ’24

Workshop paper accepted at YArch ’24 on streaming tensor programs!

Feb ’24

Ran the Death Valley marathon (3 of N).

Sep ’23

Officially began my PhD at Stanford University.

Sep ’23

Left Google after two years with the XLA compiler and TPU backend team.



Workshop & Short Papers


Apr ’24
(draft) The GPU Programming Language Triangle
Subjective categorization of GPU languages.