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Eigenvectors from Eigenvalues


Based off a recent mathematical discovery, this implements the formula necessary to compute normed eigenvectors given only the eigenvalues of a Hermitian matrix.



Panel Discussion with Cornell Military Alumni


The Cornell Military Network (CMN) is hosting an event to introduce the Cornell Military Network, which includes a panel discussion with two past undergraduate students currently serving, and one student veteran (myself).

Introduction to Calyx


Calyx is a new intermediate language (IL) for compiling high-level programs into hardware designs. It combines hardware-like structural language with a software-like control flow representation with loops and conditionals. This talk will focus on the motivation behind Calyx, what it is today, and progress on a current frontend, namely TVM Relay.


CS2110, Objected-Oriented Programming and Data Structures

Teaching Assistant, Computer Science, 2019

Course Description

Intermediate programming in a high-level language and introduction to computer science. Topics include object-oriented programming (classes, objects, subclasses, types), graphical user interfaces, algorithm analysis (asymptotic complexity, big “O” notation), recursion, testing, program correctness (loop invariants), searching/sorting, data structures (lists, trees, stacks, queues, heaps, search trees, hash tables, graphs), graph algorithms. Java is the principal programming language.